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Packing Guide

Packing Guide. Pack professionally and securely.

Packing guide will take care of the most complicated and daunting task in any moving process, which is, the packing. Knowing what to pack and how can be very difficult especially if it is not a job you are doing for a living. Each household item has its specific particulars and may require some specific attention. Other still may be put together while others may not mix. Due to the diversity of the items, professional moving companies came up with a packing guide to help them ensure that every item is handled in the way it deserves. In order to come up with a good packing guide we need to look at the moving checklist. This will be very instrumental because it is the items on the checklist that will be packed. Depending on the stuff on the checklist, we can then weigh our options to find out which one should fit where and how.

All extraordinary valued items must be identified, and the list conveyed to your moving company in writing that they are in your shipment. Extraordinary valued items refer to items having a value greater than $ 100.00 per pound per article. You must complete and sign a High Value Inventory sheet prior to your move. In the event of a claim, any settlement is limited to the valuation just like in insurance. Failing to list all extraordinary value items and to sign the High Value Inventory sheet may lead to failure by the insurance to honor any claims on such items. The moving company liability for loss of or damage to those items will be limited to no more than $100.00 per pound per article.

Before you embark on the packing exercise, it is important to start by purchasing all the necessary packing boxes and to organize a small inventory of stuff you want to pack from room to room, in each room, first pack the things you do not use frequently. It is advisable to use a different color code for each room’s items, as this will guide you in offloading the stuff on arrival at the next point. Write a detailed description of the boxes contents and its number, as this list will guide you to make sure each box was delivered; you can also use it to help you find things you need to access quickly to your new home.

It is also strategic to pack one separate box with items that you are likely to need immediately you reach your new home, if you have specific valuables such as jewels and artifacts, it might also reduce the risk of loosing them if you carry them separately rather than stuffing them into the ReloCube. Following such precision should make your moving hassle free and less tiresome. To get a free moving quote from any reputable moving company in Massachusetts, just follow this link.